Chocolate Cake from scratch

I wanted to make something special for dessert the other night and decided on Chocolate Cake. A very moist, rich, decadent chocolate cake...from scratch!!   Because of a genetic mutation, MTHFR c677t, my body doesn't process folic acid and a few other synthetic vitamins...So, I'm finding new ways to bake/cook using un-enriched ingredients. I found an … Continue reading Chocolate Cake from scratch


BBQ pulled pork 

Costco had a great deal on pork roast the other day, it was $1.69/lb and I bought apx 6 lbs. We love BBQ pulled pork, and I also love that I can freeze the extra for quick meals! BBQ pulled pork is really an easy meal that doesn't take much prep time, and you really just … Continue reading BBQ pulled pork